Hi!  I’m Paul, a graphic design lover and a self-improvement enthusiast; here is my story!

Not so long ago, I realized that I needed to write them down the person I wanted to be if I wanted to truly commit to living a more authentic life.

So, after I designed my own Value Manifesto, I began to notice that something was different about me…

Here I was at a karaoke party, but very politely declining to sing (since kindness is a core value for me).  But, as I was listening to my friends pour their hearts out, I remembered that confidence was also on my list of values (more of a who-I-want-to-be value of course…).

I clearly saw my manifesto in my mind.  I realized how guilty I would feel the next day for not living up to my own core values.  So I stood up to sing my favorite song!  I was nervous at first, but it felt so empowering to overcome my fear.  On the outside, nothing earth-shattering happened and I didn’t get a standing ovation.  But on the inside, something life-changing had occurred.  I discovered that I now had the commitment I needed to become the person I truly want to be. I felt like a rock star!

what i know for sure

It is precisely these choices we make on the spur of the moment that shape our life and make us who we are.  So, it’s important to have a reminder of what your values are when the time comes to choose.

I can’t tell you how many times my Value Manifesto has positively influenced my actions. 

And I now want to share the transformative power of the Value Manifesto with everyone who strives to live a more authentic life!

Click here to see my Manifesto!